Adrian Lee Mahan

Owner/President/Music Specialist

Adrian comes from over 15 years of wedding experience. He started his interest in music at a very young age when his first words were "Play James Brown." He learned to play the drums starting at 6 and took his love to the Berklee School of Music. Adrian has been passionate for building the perfect playlist for most of his musical careers.

"The feeling of helping to make someone's special day perfect is a wonderful feeling." 

Adrian has started Timeless Sounds Music for the bride and groom who want the focus on themselves and the guests having a memorable evening. The wedding DJ should not be the focus and he makes sure the spotlight is squarely on you. Adrian is out to change the way the wedding DJ navigates your special day. After sharing in the planning of hundreds of weddings, he has the tools to make sure yours is unique and perfect for you.

Adrian looks forward to helping you plan your unique, special day. If you have any questions, feel free to contact him directly.



Erin Barry

Marketing/Event Planning


Erin joins Timeless Sounds in 2014 with an abundance of knowledge and fantastic ideas to make your day specific and unique to you. She has earned her BA from Emerson College in Marketing and Event Planning. Erin now brings her attention to detail to Timeless Sounds where we affectionately call her the "walking Pinterest board". 

Erin adds to the endless possibilities to make your wedding the most memorable it can be.